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Carousel the Musical Dance Essay

  • Submitted by: siansmith
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Carousel was set in 1873 and covers a 15 year period. The stage was a proscenium arch with a built in carousel in centre stage.
I believe the theme is a dramatic romance in the form of a musical. The choreographic style of the dancing is narrative therefore telling a story throughout the performance.
Unfortunately Carousel is a vocal orientated musical however; there are some dance numbers within this musical. The first dance performance had the accompaniment ‘June is bustin’ out all over’ this was set outside Nettie fowler’s cottage by the sea; a tree stood centre stage, a worn out brown wooden cottage sat at the edge of the carousel. The structure of this dance was A,B,C it started with the mill working ladies as a group doing simple step-ball-change foot work then develops into small jumps and arabesques. Then the fishermen and mill working ladies got into pairs, and started with a curtsy and a bow, this then turns into a musical number where simple steps evolve into enthusiastic, upbeat movements such as the fishermen picking up the women and twirling them around. The excitement carries on increasingly as the fishermen do a group dance, which was very athletic, grounded and physical this shows how the choreographer, wanted to be true to the characters. As the movements for the men were very masculine, because these (characters are) fishermen are suppose to be strong men and very hard working. Specific movements that they used were a lot of force in their foot work and when doing jumps they were very heavy footed and landed in a gentleman’s like posture. The lighting throughout this dance performance was very bright and realistic as if it was really by the sea at around midday.

The mill working women wore long dresses, which was fitted on the torso, but flowed from the torso down; over the top of their dresses they wore an apron. The fisherman wore faded white long sleeved shirts, grey or brown trousers which were attached to braces, black boots/shoes and...

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