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Cars Research Paper

  • Submitted by: DanielDmitruk
  • on October 4, 2012
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Final Draft Cars                                                               Juarez
3rd Period English

Many people may be surprised to find that one thing can be so powerful and influential that they couldn’t go a day without it. Yet this "thing" is also a huge part of our culture as well. This key component of American Lifestyle is also considered to be the very backbone of the gigantic American economy. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you the automobile. Invented nearly 150 years ago, this phenomenon has become an enormous asset to every person in every civilized country around our beautiful world. Not only does this high tech machinery get us from place to place, it also serves many other purposes.
These purposes include showing off the owners' social status. The status can depend on a variety of things such as money. Also cars portray the trends and demands of the people they were made for around the time they were made. Another important goal of cars is to mirror the person driving them. By this I mean display the characteristics of the owner of the car. Those are some of the reasons why cars are so important to America and hundreds of other countries from around the world.
Cars = Social Status
Cars can do a lot of things, one of which is show boating the social status of the person driving them. Take for instance a car driving on the highway with tinted windows. You can't even see the person inside but you can make out that the car has an incredible aerodynamic design and you can hear the powerful V-12 engine purr as the car goes at a relatively slow pace. For all guys and many girls, this is an instant giveaway. If the near perfect body work wasn’t enough to convince you the car is nice, then look at the logo in between the two front headlights. It has a golden bull surrounded by a black background bucking gracefully on its two front legs. This, my friends, is a Lamborghini of some kind. You don’t need to know what kind it is,...

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