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Case Study

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Case Study Analysis
Samelah Brown
September 26, 2012
Romay Sitze

Case Study
This case study is the ABC INC. and the issues involving Carl Robins. During this case I study, I came across many issues that could have been handled differently. I believe that some of those issues could have been resolved by having Carl Robins shadowed or have someone supervise him for effectively. Carl Robins had only been a campus recruiter for six months. This would cause an issue for hi simply because he does not know the company policies as well as the recruiting procedure.   Robins also procrastinated; the case study states that he waited until the day before to check to see if everything was taken care of. Due to the lack of preparation, organization, scheduling and communication, the likelihood of the new hire training happening in June would be zero to none.
In early April, Carl Robins was hired as a new campus recruiter for the ABC INC., his first assignment was to hire fifteen new hires. Robins was not working alone, he was working with Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. Robins was ordered by Monica Carrolls to hire fifteen new hires, he successfully hired fifteen people. After hiring the fifteen people Monica Carrolls requested, he must next begin the training process.
Robins scheduled orientation to take place on June 15th, with having the anticipation for the orientation to go smoothly, he expected   for all new hires to begin work before July. Prior to that, Monica Carrolls contacted Robins to discuss issues regarding the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug test and other possible mishaps concerning the in processing of the new hires. Monica contacted him to receive updated information on the in processing of the new hires because she felt that Robins was not going to handle all issues concerning the new hires. Robins ensured that there would not be any snags in the in processing...

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