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Case Study

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We are incredibly proud and fortunate to manufacture in San Francisco.

Our factories have the highest ethical standards, production expertise and are accredited by the CSC, Bureau Veritas, Level works, and numerous top US retailers. In addition to regularly visiting our factories, Timbuk2 employs two full-time people who work on-site at our factories in Asia.

Why manufacture in Asia?
We manufacture in Asia to take advantage of technical expertise, competitive pricing and scale. We don’t have the required machinery or manpower in San Francisco to make every Timbuk2 product locally. Thus our Asian and San Francisco manufacturing facilities are complementary.

The two categories of Timbuk2 are messenger bags and laptop bags. One of the key competitive dimensions can be named Quality which means making a great product and delivering a great service. Timbuk2 provides tailored or customized messenger bags that enables customers to find a way to express themselves and feel unique. That is why customers have strong emotional attachment with the company. In terms of design quality, using as a specific example to illustrate, Timetug2 empowers the customers to choose their own colors and fabrics at the first step. Next, they can select colors for binding, logo and liner parts.Then, crater laptop sleeve and grab strap are included, and reflector style is selective for customers, including reflector tail which is visible at night, reflector tab which is smaller and permanently attached to the bottom straps and compression straps with tabs that help keep the bag from flapping in the wind. After this step, customers can choose their way of wearing the bag. Finally, accessories are asked to be chosen as a cross-selling strategy. Therefore, it can be seen that Timetug2 is really doing a great job in assisting customers design special bags that drive the sales pretty well. In terms of process quality which means the reliability of the product or service, the...

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