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Case Study

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Case Study 1.1
1. a. Moral
b. Nonmoral
c. Moral
d. Nonmoral
e. Nonmoral

2.   Dumping is a practice where, after one country declares an item or substance to be unsafe, the company that used that item or substance exports it to another country to reduce the company’s losses. An example would be that some recycling companies in the U.S. are exporting electronic waste to China.   This electronic waste contains materials that are toxic. Another example is where recalled medical devices and medications, such as heart valves and some forms of birth control are exported to other countries.  
Dumping raises moral issues. I believe that we must ask ourselves if those who are receiving the dumped merchandise are fully aware of any medical or environmental harm that it may cause. I don’t believe that all the information is given to these country’s governments, workers, and residents about the hazardous exports. If the information is not presented to them in a way that they can understand and share then it is a moral issue.  
An ethical relativist may say that dumping is wrong in the views of the U.S. only because most people here view it as wrong but that it is morally right if the country receiving the items says that it is morally right.
  4.   Dumping, though legal in some places, is immoral.   The detrimental environmental and health impacts of these actions should be taken into consideration.   It is morally wrong when we export hazardous materials to other countries for several reasons.   First, if it is unfit for use in our country, it is unfair to allow other countries to be exposed to the harm of these products.   If I am concerned about a product harming my family, I should give that same consideration to a family in a third-world country.   Dumping is done to benefit the company wanting to get rid of the product for a profit.   In my opinion, human safety is more important than profit.
There are some moral considerations that support dumping products overseas...

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