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Case Study

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Developmental History Case Study
      Four Year Old Female

      This case study conducted by John Bowlby explores the developmental stages of a female, age four living part-time with a blended family and the rest of the time with the maternal grandmother. This case will discuss the effects of an unstable environment on age appropriate development. The young female displays signs of delayed development in language and behaviors. She also exhibits signs of reactive attachment disorder. This study will show how attachment disorder can affect child development into adulthood.

      Demographical Information

      This young female lives in a rural section of Tennessee. She was born without complications at time of birth. Her mother had a caesarian birth. Mother and baby were discharged after 24 hours into the care of the maternal grandmother. The mother had twin boys prior to this baby. They all reside with the maternal grandparents in a three bedroom one bath small home. The mother is separated from the father at the time of birth. During her pregnancy, the mother remains disconnected from her daily responsibilities the entire time, since this pregnancy is to save her marriage. As the pregnancy progresses, the marriage continue to disintegrate, resulting in legal separation and eventual divorce. The father remains detached from the new baby and is not a part of her or her siblings’ lives.

      Reactive Attachment Disorder

      This young female did not bond with her mother, but instead bonded with the maternal grandmother. The mother chose a frivolous lifestyle that placed the child at risk. As a result, the maternal grandmother and the mother agree that for a certain amount of time the child will remain under the maternal grandparents’ total care. The mother cannot live in the house, but has supervised visits.
      In the beginning, the child does not show signs of missing her mother and calls her maternal grandmother “mama.” The...

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