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Case Study Willard Asylum

  • Submitted by: achiantella
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The majority of persons confined to Willard Asylum were Caucasian and Christian; many were born in foreign counties and moved to United States. Most of the clients were from New York Area, but the majority of them were educated, talented, bright individuals. People who entered the facility were either transferred from other facilities, court ordered, or by other involuntary measures.   They were deemed incurable although there was no formal determination.   Most were in crisis and just experienced significant losses; death of spouse or child, illness, poverty, and trauma. All of which could have been managed in an environment other than an institution.   They did not act in the ways that society expected them to, and so they were committed. One story was that a man was over jubilant, singing and praising in public, so he was confined to the asylum. Their painful experiences were hardly managed in any type of therapy, its only form was hydrotherapy and electro-shock. They were given poor prognosis to justify lifelong incarceration at public expense.   Clients were categorized according to their ability to work, they were heavily reliant on unpaid patient labor. Nearly half who entered the asylum left in a casket.   Some resigned to the fact they were committed, while others resisted, some were desperate, some were hopeful.   Some attempted to keep active while others retreated to silence and a world of their own.
I do believe that psychiatric hospital treatment is better today than in the past due to laws and regulations imposed upon facilities.   Unfortunately suffering is still universal, people are still isolated from communities, and there is an overall stigma regarding psychiatric disorders or any other shift away from what our society deems as “normal”. These persons suffer a high unemployment rate related to discrimination or disability, crippling them from being active participants in today’s society. Today facilities promote better chances in recovery without...

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