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Casper Essay

  • Submitted by: aryanjain
  • on November 13, 2012
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  1. What are Aristotle’s three genres of rhetoric and what kinds of writing in the discourse of scientists do they pick out?
  * Epideictic Rhetoric, deliberative (review article, define and further research), forensic (like scientific reports, experiment and interpretation)
  * Epideictic rhetoric in science has been less explored
  2. What are the five general types of statement in science that Casper uses in his study of Nobel lectures?
- conjecture or speculate type 1, claims not widely accepted with modalities type 2, accepted knowledge with modalities, common accepted knowledge type 4, taken-for-granted facts type 5

  3. What does it mean to say that something is "stated with modalities?"
  * a statement that is not 100% fact, but it’s made to sound accurate with something like “there is a lot of evidence pointing to or “this shows this”

  4. What are the four types of question that classical stasis theory identifies in any argument?
  * Questions of fact: What is the act? What happened?
  * Definition or cause of the act: How should the act be named? What caused it?
  * Questions of Judgement: Is the act good or bad?
  * Questions of Procedure: What should be done about it?
  5. How do classical stases apply in analyzing scientific discourse?
  * evidential: what exists or doesn’t exist in the natural world?
  * Interpretive: facts are settled, but argue on what theory applies and so on
  * Evaluative: the significance
  * Methodological: procedures and techniques + what will be the outcome 
  6. At what point in his analysis does Casper identify scientific discourse that describes "science as it is actually performed?"
-   he is talking about the nobel prize lectures because they talk about the start, stop, and pitfalls differently than a research report does, it’s how science is actually performed
7. As a result of his analysis of Nobel lectures what characteristics does Casper attribute to epideictic...

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