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Catch Us If You Can Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Catch Us If You Can" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Author: Catherine MacPhail
Point of View
-The novel is seen through the eyes of Rory.
-Readers get access to his young mind – how he thinks, feels and reacts.
-This narration technique reveals Rory’s love for his granda, the concern and anxiety, fears, doubts and frustrations as he goes on the journey of love and protection with his grandfather.
- Reader can appreciate Rory’s growth and maturation because the first person narration has made it possible for an inside view of Rory’s mind.
Synopsis: Rory and his grandfather, Granda, have looked after each other since Rory’s dad walked out on them. Granda is given to lapses in memory (putting Rory’s homework down the rubbish chute and the rubbish in Rory’s school bag) and completely
irresponsible behaviour (setting fire to his coat at a Parents’ Evening), but he has a
generous heart and plenty of charm. Rory acts as his carer until there is a fire in the
flat and the authorities decide to separate them. However, Rory is determined that
they will stay together and they embark on an escape but with their faces on every
television screen and in every newspaper, this is not so easy. Their journey is full of
surprise betrayals and unexpected friends as they attempt to evade the authorities
and eventually track down the man who walked out on them.
Chapter 1
Readers are introduced to Rory and his Granda as they wait for Dr Nicol in the waiting room.
The doctor is concerned that Rory is too young to take care of his grandfather. However,
Rory is aware that there are only two of them in the family.
Chapter 2
Granda has a failing memory; always misplacing things. Rory has the sole responsibility of
taking care of Granda like buying him his lunch every day.
Chapter 3
Rory sacrifices some of the things he likes for Granda. He gives up football so that he can be
at home with his Granda. Rory’s worry is that if Granda is put into Rachnadar, they would be...

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