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Cats and Dogs Essay

  • Submitted by: dabmann
  • on November 13, 2012
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Alice Thomas M.A.
Composition and Rhetoric 1
September 22, 2012
Pet Loving
Cats and dogs are both popular and common household pets, loving and loyal to their owners and make them happy. They both comfort their owners in everyday life, and both require attention and caring for. As the two may be alike, there are many more differences between the two species.
\ Cats are usually a smaller species than dogs. They can have big fluffy coats, or shorthaired coats, or (in non allergenic cases) sometimes none at all. Cats always have more pointed triangular ears, and slit pupils for seeing in the dark. They have long tails that flit every which way as they go about their business each day. A dogs size depends on its breed, and in some cases, can actually be as small as a cat. Unlike the feline species, a dogs pupils are rounded, like that of a humans. They have long snouts (save for a few, such as pugs) and their ears can be long and floppy or shorter and pointy, and sometimes in between. There are many different types of tails a dog can have, a corkscrew, a little stubby tail, a long classic golden retriever whip, or an elegant fluffy lassie tail.
Cats are generally more aloof and calm than most dogs, and they usually go about their business (hunting ,sunbathing, exploring etc.) without bothering their owner too much. They are a generally low maintenance animal to care for because they don't require   being taken out to go to the restroom, they just go in the litter box. They don't need to be walked if a simple door flap is installed, and they can just go in and out throughout the day without much worry of the animal not coming back, because they always do once suppertime comes. Dogs, on the other hand, have been known to be a little higher maintenance, but most dog owners would agree that the unyielding and unconditional love is well worth it. Unlike cats, dogs have to be walked and/or let out multiple times daily to do their 'business'. They tend to require more...

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