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Causes of the Cold War Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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The Cold War was so called because the USSR and USA never directly fought each other.

Feuds between the USSR and the USA

It was called the Cold War because the USA and the USSR never directly fought each other, partly because both sides had nuclear weapons, and letting them off would have been slightly dangerous. And though the two sides didn’t fight each other directly, they did have a series of wars against each other, in other regions where the Americans and Soviets each supported a different side. Like most feuds, this one began with the two opponents begin friends, as during World War II they depended on each other to defeat Hitler. But towards the end of the Second World War, when it was obvious Hitler would lose, the world was shaping up to be run by two great superpowers, America and the Soviet Union.

Communism v Capitalism

As with many other periods of history the main powers competed with each other for wealth and influence. And each side claimed it deserved to dominate the world because it stood for higher values. Stalin and his Soviet rulers declared communism the superior system because, they said, under capitalism there were a few rich people and millions of poor, whereas under communism everyone owned the wealth jointly and was treated equally.   But in fact the leaders of the Communist Party had access to vast luxury, while the majority of people struggled and had to put up with shortage of basic goods. Not only was that but people who spoke out against the government usually locked in appalling prisons. The USA, on the other hand, claimed that capitalism made their population ‘free’. But around the world they overthrow elected governments they thought were challenging their interests, such as in Guatemala where they said…in that country the elections were not realistic…and Chile, where the elected President was murdered and replaces by a general. And in the USA itself, at the time of the Cold War was getting under way, a rule was...

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