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Ccld Essay

  • Submitted by: MEGMEG1969
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Outcome 2. Understand the factors that influence children and young people’s development and how these affect practice.
  1. Explain how children’s and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors.

The personal factors that contribute towards a child’s development are their genes which influence development of physical health and how the brain works. A Child’s environment, influences personality, potential and health, which will later be determined by how they are brought up.
Genetic information is what triggers a disability, such as Down’s syndrome. This means that they may have an impairment of cognitive ability and physical growth so they will need extra support in daily activities. They also have different facial characteristics which can lead to bullying. Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disability which is also developed at birth due to the brain. This affects motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, resulting limits in movement and posture.
Health problems are also personal factors, such as Asthma which will affect the child’s breathing. Children may get breathless taking part in physical activities and will have to use an inhaler to open the airway. A Childs health can also be affected during pregnancy if the mother is taking drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking.   This could result in premature birth and low birth weight which can then lead to a slower development rate.
I will expand on this in outcome 3.

  2. Explain how children’s and young people’s development is influenced by a range of external factors.

The external factors that contribute towards a Child’s development include, living conditions, locality, poverty, family, education, peers, diet, and resources.   I will expand on this in Outcome 3

  3. Explain how theories of development and framework to support development influence current practice.
Social pedagogy is a practice concerned with learning, wellbeing and...

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