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Cell One Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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The mother's character : she is very attached to her son, since he was eleven she kept on justifying his reckless behaviours , when he stole her jewelry and sold them she didn't punish him , she only asked him about how much he had sold it for which was irresposible from a mother , she also treated him as if never stolen it to make him start fresh and that made think that she will always cover up his misbehaviour. also when he stole the questions of his father's exam and sold them to the students she said that he was sixteen and should be givin more pocket money. she always had some doubts about her son being invloved in the cults but she have never asked him or talked to him about that she merely cocerned for him .when a curfew was imposed her son didn't come home yet she did nothing about it .later when she found out that he was arrested she went to see him, she felt pity for her chaild being in jail in this young age quotinig from the narrator "she hugged her self, as though felt cold" when he said that the old man who was arrested instead of his son did nothing she told him you did nothing to as if she meant to tell him that he was arrested because the police couldn't find the real criminals. on their way back her husband said that he should've locked his son in a cell after he saw how he was shaken and kind of afraid she didn't say any thing as she thougt this wasn't right .and when her son was transferd to cell one then to an unknown place on the out skirts she did all what she can to see him if it was immoral such as bribe.finally i think she have done all that out of love but she should've at least guided him cuase she only created a spoiled self-centerd ,irresposible and immature person.
the father's character:
he knew that it was his son who stole the jewelry and no one else, he did nothing but asking him to write a report a bout what he had done .he is a well organized person he likes every thing documented but he should've understood that he is...

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