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Cell Phone Addiction Essay

  • Submitted by: boxmanBrandon
  • on August 8, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Cell Phone Addiction

What would most people do if they lost their cell phone? According to a article on the web site (the secret), "the default reaction would be despair and anger - blaming others if it was within possibility! “   This is a common case of anxiety and doubt that can ruin a person entire day. When the phone powers on the smart phone every few minutes it will automatically check emails and social media site on a cycle, this is normal for people who might be addicted to smart phone. With being addicted to smartphones, tons of people need to face a lot of issues of slow social communication, physical injury due to having you attention diverted. Smart phone is taking over a lot of people lives, three simple ways to beat the addiction, hide phone away from being used, look for a counselor and make a deal with toy group you hang with.

The biggest reason people us smartphone are because that have tons of time on their hands. Some people think the best way to burn up free time is using cell phones because they are capable of chatting with friends, watching movies, play games, etc. In addition to the entertainment smart phones offer, it is capable of viewing emails and quick memos. It is understood there are many convenience come from smartphones capability to user that enable people to get addicted to it so easily. According to Holly C. Corbett), "Your smartphone can act as a boost to your brain”, which ultimately furthers a person technology addiction. This prevents people brain from technology free time; we need to find something to do to replace the time. The central idea is to stop the interest of smartphone. For instance, participating in activities or working out is a example of different types. If people can substitution the use of smartphone, this would work in their benefit However, but this can’t be the only thing applied in all technology free time. It is well known that some of the technology free times is the time is used in...

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