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Cell Research Article

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Stem Cell Population in Skin Epidermis Controls Tissue Repair
Stem cells and their research is a very popular topic these days.   When thinking “cell research,” stem cells are the first thing that comes to mind.   In Brussels, Belgium some researchers were doing a study related to skin and they ended up discovering a new population of skin cell on the epidermis.
Basically this article began by explaining skin and its purpose.   Skin is constantly replacing itself because dead layers are always sloughing off.   As you are an adult, the number of new skin cells produced must exactly compensate for the number of ells that is lost, said the article.   While trying to figure out why that must happen, researchers uncovered the existence of two types dividing cells.   One of the new types of cells has long term survival potential while the other is progressively lost over time. They related these newly discovered cells to wound healing as well.   They found that only stem cells are really capable of fully healing wounds and the new progenitors did not really help long-term.   They only provided a small contribution to the healing response.   The article went on to discuss how slow cycling stem cells are beneficial to skin repair and wound healing.   This research can be very helpful for patients dealing with severe burns and chronic wounds.
Overall, this article was a quite informative piece.   It taught me something that I probablt never would have learned or heard about otherwise.   I learned a bit about skin healing and how skin repair works.

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