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Centipetal Force Essay

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Lab Reports:   Physics

A laboratory report was written for each unit of instruction.   The reports that follow are from the uniform circular motion labs.


Lab 1:   Torque
By Steven Finn

The Torque Balance lab is designed to relate force and distance to torque.


Meter stick with centered metal fulcrum
Vertical holder for the fulcrum
Two hooking devices for pans
Two weight holding pans
10, 20, 50, and 100 gram weights


Before beginning, remove the hooking devices for the pans and the actual weight pans.   Measure their masses on the scale and record.
Place metal fulcrum holder on the corner of a table and set meter stick between the metal holder.
Move the two hooking devices on the ends to an equal distance from each end.
Then center the middle fulcrum, and latch it down.
Place the two weight holding pans in their corresponding hooks.
Now adjust the hooking devices to the directed distances from the center with the appropriated weights attached.
The distance on one side is the control (given by the lab), the other side provides the variable.   Slide the variable side in or out to make the meter stick level out.
Repeat process for all appropriate trials.


Table 1: Mass and Distances on Balance

Mass 1 (g) |Weight 1 (N) |Distance 1 from center (cm) |Mass 2 (g) |Weight 2 (N) |Distance 2 from center (cm) | |216.35 |2.120 |20 |116.35 |1.140 |37.2 | |166.35 |1.630 |20 |116.35 |1.140 |28.5 | |166.35 |1.630 |20 |216.35 |2.120 |15.2 | |116.35 |1.140 |25 |136.35 |1.336 |21.2 | |216.35 |2.120 |18 |186.35 |1.826 |20.8 | |
Figure 1: Meter Stick Balance


The meter stick when balanced or parallel to the floor exhibits equilibrium of torque on both sides.   Torque is described as force multiplied by distance.   T=F x D   In the meter stick balance, the weights (and the weight holders) are accelerated by gravity creating the force or weight.   The distance is simply that between...

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