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Chair Essay

  • Submitted by: Wolvesgh14
  • on October 4, 2012
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My Blue Chair
For a while Margret fought her family to help her move her chair but they would not.   After many tries of trying to get her sofa chair upstairs by herself she gave up and went to a local pub down the street.   She asked a random man to help her move her chair into her new upstairs apartment.   After he struggled to get it up there, that man asked her on a date.   That sofa brought them together and my grandmother and grandfather got married a year later.   My grandmother wanted to get rid of the chair but he would not let her.   He kept on telling her how much he loved this chair.   I remember sitting on my grandfathers lap while he sat in that chair.   He used to tell me stories about his life before he passed away.   That chair reminds me of a better time when my grandfather was still alive and I would not give it up for the world.  
That chair has been through a lot, it has been reupholstered several times in the last 50 years.   Since my grandfather was in the navy they would move a lot and he would tell me everywhere he has been with that chair.   He has been to Midway Island twice, New York, New Hampshire and many more places.   He then moved to Garden Grove, California where my dad was born, they moved again and then my grandmother passed away.   When she passed away he moved back to Wisconsin where my grandfather was born and he met his second wife.   He then moved to Michigan with her and still kept the chair, even though it would remind him of his first wife.   He loved that chair and it cost
Hundley 2
him a lot of money and heart ache to keep it.  
When I was little I remember visiting my grandfather in Michigan and I would sit on my grandfathers lap and spend time with him.   He used to read stories to me like green eggs and ham and we also used to sit down and watch TV together everyday that I saw him.   He would tell me stories, like how he and my grandmother met.   He would also tell
me all the times he spent serving our country in the...

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