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Change Agent Essay

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Change Agent

OMM 612
Instructor: Dr. J. Theodore
March 25, 2012

Change Agent
                    Everyone, regardless of how content they are in life, has times of frustration and moments when they want to change something.   These changes may include ideas, both big and small that could help improve processes and/or situations for their community, job, family, etc. (Harper & Leicht, 2011).   If I were a change agent trying to change something in my community for the best, I would work to change the availability of recreational activities for children.   I reside in a very small mountain town that has virtually nothing for children/youth of the community to do.   As a result, many hang out at parties, start drinking at a young age and cause mischief in certain areas of the community.
                    Having been a teacher in local schools and working at a mental health provider that focuses on serving children with mental health and substance abuse issues, it has always been a concern of mine and due to the fact that the town I live in is so against change, everyone else who has tried to voice their opinion and introduce new recreational activities or organizations such as a Big Brother, Big Sister program in the past 5 years were shot down.   Despite the past resistance, there are more people in my community finally realizing the change is needed in order to help today’s youth.   Given this, resources I would use to help with my venture of starting a Big Brother, Big Sister Agency would include local politicians who are in favor of programs for today’s youth, local pastors, school officials, the local Parent-Teacher Association and the local mental health agency.   I would form a committee that includes the above community resources to discuss what youth program would be most beneficial for our community then work to develop two types of goals.   The first type of goal would be the “conceptual goals, which specify exactly what is to change (What’s...

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