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Changes Essay

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As Ghandi once said, “Everything changes continually. What is history indeed but a record of change? And if there had been no changes in the past, there would have been little of history to write.” Like a tree through the ages, so does a human grow from infancy to adolescence to maturity and ultimately death. As the seasons turn into years and the years into ages, human history continues to write itself. From the Ice Age to the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the current Silicon Age, life ceases to remain constant. With this concept in mind we can identify transformations that have occurred throughout human history that have left us off for better and worse. Advancements in human rights, technology and medicine have allowed scientists and engineers to shape the world around us and make life better for all, but not without failures and errors along the journey that is human history.
Looking back on the last two hundred years, we will be amazed at the innovations and accomplishments modern technology has brought us. The automobile and the aircraft enable us to travel to any destination on the globe at a moments notice. This is a far cry from the horse drawn carriage and month long voyages across the Atlantic. From our knowledge of telecommunications, we are able to transmit data around the world with a complex system of satellites and radio towers. This allows us to watch television shows, send audio and video messages in real time to loved ones in remote locations. Technology has provided us with a new standard of living. The use of different kind of resources in building houses, bridges, and dams, has allowed civilizations to prosper. However, with these advancements in technology the danger of exploitation and misuse is always abound.
Human rights refer to the basic rights and freedom to which all humans are to follow. The Middle Ages, also known as the “Dark Ages” was a low point in human history; humans did not have the rights and freedoms we...

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