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Chapter 2 Essay

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Exercise 2.1.3
For this exercise, you will enable peer-to-peer communication on your Windows XP machine. Complete the steps that follow to enable this service. What other networking services are available for installation?
RIP listener, Simple TCP/IP Services, & UPnP User Interface
Exercise 2.1.4
Briefly explain why wireless connections between peer devices do not need specialized equipment like a crossover cable to connect to each other. Use your textbook and Internet research to support your answer.
An Ethernet crossover cable is a type of Ethernet cable used to connect computing devices together directly. The energy in an RF current can radiate off a conductor into space as electromagnetic waves (radio waves); this is the basis of radio technology.   RF usually refers to electrical rather than mechanical oscillations.
For this exercise, you will be creating a new network connection on your Windows PC. List the types of connections that are available to choose. Record the settings that you choose in each step.
Exercise 2.2.1
If an organization has 30 users, each with his or her own PC, what is the comparative cost of buying a $120 printer for each user versus the cost of buying a single, higher-capacity $500 printer that can be used by the entire office? What is the drawback to having only a single printer? What is the cost of having two additional backup printers for the office compared to having individual printers? How many shared printers can be purchased and still be less expensive than individual printers?
$3600 for 30 printers / $500 for one central printer -Having one printer for an organization of 30 users can take a lot longer to retrieve everything that needs to be printed. Constantly changing out the ink or overloading the system are additional drawbacks to one central location.
$1000 for two additional printers
A total of 7 additional backup printers can be purchased and still be less expensive than individual printers....

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