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Character Analysis

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Peeta may be a bread boy, but also has the strength of more than a bread boy. I say that I like peeta, he is sweet, kind but don’t let that discourage you, because he is also clever. In the hunger games he portrays katniss, we think unlike of him when he does this. But the real question is, is this just part of peeta’s strategy or is he trying to survive and protect katniss by portraying her.   As he charms the capital and makes everyone like him, he sees it as a strategy for more sponsors to survive in the hunger games and especially against katiss. She is a tough warrior and is capable of surviving in the wilderness by herself as we can see already. Therefore, peeta must survive and beat katniss through mentally strategizing. He does so by training alone and not letting her see his weaknesses and that he is in it till the death.

Well at first you may be frustrated with the fact, that peeta gives katniss bread because they don’t have a lot of many, and her mom is not all there to provide for her and her sister. So, peeta she’s that she is in need of food and is hungry. Here is when he is sweet and thoughtful, instead of throwing all of the bread to the pigs; he gives her two to eat. I was surprised that, all that time she was giving her bread, yes he was doing it out of his kind heart, but here was more to it. As he enters the hunger games, he tells the capital that he is very fond of her and she takes it as he’s lying. Then as the hunger games begin we see him portray her and that’s when we tell ourselves, oh we don’t like him because he did that. Now, I had to question myself, was he really portraying her or was he trying to save her by leading the other districts the opposite way she was heading, so she would be okay.    
As a reader you may admire his sweet heart, his kind heart and the love he has for katniss. Who wouldn’t want a guy to tell the world that he is in love with you and not even know it. It may come to a surprise but at the same time,...

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