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Character of Joss Moody Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Examine the way Kay develops the character of Joss Moody through his family narratives.

Jackie Kay builds up the character of Joss Moody through his family members; Millicent Moody, Colman Moody and Edith Moore. These are the three main characters which portray both sides of Joss, such as the feminine and masculinity side of him. Furthermore giving the reader an insight of the family perspective of how they saw Joss and how they felt about him. This therefore develops the character of Joss Moody for the readers to build their own opinion of how they feel about Joss.
Kay keeps the reader’s opinion balanced as Joss’s family members, such as his wife, son and mother have different views on how they see Joss. Millicent Moody is constructed into a character that is very attached to her husband. Therefore she tends to favour for him more. In page eleven, it shows Millie’s first impression on how she saw Joss.
“He was well dressed, astonishingly handsome, high cheek bones that gave him a sculpted proud look; his eyes darker then I’ve ever seen. Thick black curly hair, the tightest possible curls, sitting on top of his head, like a bed of springy bracken”. This shows how Millicent admires Joss’s good looks and instantly is brought closer to him, without hesitation that that he looked any different to any other guy. The only difference was, he stood out more for her. However in on page twenty two, Kay is creates Millicent to be a little biased as she is Joss’s wife and already is foreshadowing the secret of what Colman is unaware about. She also uses a simile to describe his hair, which shows how she closely observes him, while admiring him the same time.
“What could I tell him- that his father and I were in love, that it didn’t matter to us, that we didn’t even think about it after a while?” This shows that they had blocked everyone else out, even though now she is starting to question herself with rhetorical questions. In addition through Millie’s perspective the...

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