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Cheating Essay

  • Submitted by: CreelPatrick1
  • on October 17, 2013
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Patrick Creel
Academic Dishonesty among College Students
Dr. T. Bell-Jernigan
Introduction to Education
September 25, 2013

Cheating takes many forms; from simply copying another student's paper to stealing an exam paper to forging an official university transcript. Stress and competition are two major reasons why students cheat in today’s schooling. Some students cheat because of lack of knowledge, hesitation, or misunderstanding concerning what behaviors make up dishonesty. In this paper, many issues about cheating will be discussed, such as: why students cheat, what kind of students cheat, when students cheat, and what can be fixed to stop cheating.
Cheating offers an easy way out. Why bother studying hard and doing all those term papers by yourself if you can use somebody else's work? Realism might be one reason for cheating, but I'm not sure it’s the main reason. In actuality, students will sometimes go to greater lengths to cheat than to study for a test. Occasionally, this is due to boredom. For purposes of their research, the authors defined cheating as copying material without proper citation, padding bibliographies, getting exam questions in advance, collaborative homework, turning in paper done by others, and using notes during exams (McCabe et al., 2012).
There are types of students that will cheat on a test; the ones that are lethargic in class, do not pay attention to the teacher or class work, and do not do his or her homework. This paper focuses on both promoting academic honesty and cheating. The most interesting contention is that student attitudes towards cheating are shaped and determined prior to college. Given the examples of cheating, students appear to use the same form of cheating in higher education as they did in high school (McCabe et al., 2012). Also, seating arrangements allow easy contact for cheating. Sitting right behind or beside another student allows his or her eyes to wonder on to another student’s test. An additional...

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