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Chemistry Essay

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Physical and Chemical Properties

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to find the physical and chemical properties of the various substances.

Procedure:   First,   we examined the substances and wrote down their various properties. Then we smelled the substances. Next we looked at the substances in water. Finally, we checked to see if magnets had any effect on them.


Physical Properties Table

Substance Formula | Physical State | Color | Odor | Solubility in Water | Effect of magnet |
Sulfur S | Solid powder | Yellow | Rotten eggs | No | No |
Iron Fillings Fe | Dirt like | Gray | No | No | Yes |
Sodium Bicarbonate NaHCO3 | Like sugar | White | Yes | Yes | No |
Sodium Chloride NaCl | Grainy | White | No | Yes | No |
Sucrose C12H22O11 | Grainy | White | No | Yes | No |
Magnesium Mg | Long, thin | Silver | No | No | No |
Sand SiO2 | Sandy | Tan | No | No | No |
| | | | | |

Physical or Chemical Changes

System | Observation |
Fe and S mixture -tested with magnet | Gray/yellow powder Iron separated from Sulfur |
NaCl and Sand-Mixed with water-Filtered-Filterate allowed | NaCl dissolved, wet sand, a little salt in the water |
Mg: burned in air | Very bright, ashes are white |
Mg with 10M HCl | Its cold. |
Combustion with product HCl | They were both hot; the strip boiled. |
C12H22O11 heated | It changed state and color; smelled like marshmallows. |
NaHCO3 with HCl | It was cold |

Data Analysis:

1. The various substances had very different chemical and physical properties.  


Physical and chemical properties for several substances were observed. Several changes were identified as physical or chemical changes. Three of the reactions were found to be physical and four were found to be chemical.

Iron mixed with Sulfur was a physical change because the substances did not change when combined together. Iron could be separated using physical...

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