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Chess Experiment Essay

  • Submitted by: yiqings
  • on August 6, 2015
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As discussed in the previous research, comparing with the extrinsic motivators, intrinsic motivators do have a more significant influence on increasing higher level employees’ work passion and company’s productivity. Therefore, avoiding using extrinsic rewards but the intrinsic ones becomes the most useful and primary managements for company to operate properly. In the study of “Effects of Extrinsic Financial Rewards on Intrinsic Motivation” conducted by Robert D. Pritchard, Kathleen M. Campbell, and Donald J. Campbell, it mainly talked about Deci’s hypothesis which explained how and why extrinsic financial rewards are not working well on higher level employees.
In the investigation of employees’ motivation, Deci believes that financial rewards (like higher payments) depending on the work performance may have a negative effect on workers’ intrinsic motivation. In order to support his hypothesis, Deci did an experiment aiming to compare and find out the relationship between financial rewards and intrinsic motivation through participants’ task performance (Pritchard, P9). Two groups of higher level workers were selected from the same company who had some chess-playing experience. There were 8 male and 3 female in Group 1 and Group 2 consisted 14 male and 3 female. They were told this experiment was about solving chess problems but first they were given a background questionnaire concerning to their past experience about playing chess. Before handing in them, all the workers could have a 10-minute free period to have some coffee or food. This amount of time each individual was dealing with the chess problems was recorded in these 10 minutes. In Session 1, Group 1 was offered financial rewards but Group 2 was not but in Session 2, Group 1 and 2 were both treated as no-money groups (Prichard, P10-11).
Time spent on chess playing, number of chess problems attempted and completed during the 10 minutes free period, were all recorded as the employees’ performance...

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