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Chicanos Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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hicano studies quiz
Study Guide for Lesson 2 Quiz
The following is intended to help you focus within the readings on those areas that may be asked in your examination.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (TGH)

    What war did the TGH end?
The U.S. Mexican war
    What current-day states were once parts of Mexico?
California, Nevada, Utah, Texas
    What did Articles VIII, IX, and XI of TGH cover?
the intent of Mexico to protect, to the best of her compromised ability, her alienated children.
    What was manifest destiny and what role did it have in the US-Mexico War?
it played a major part in the war americans thought that it was there destiny to have a country that went from the alantic to the pacific oceans without the mexican war this could not have been acheived with the end of the war america gianed claifornia texas and a chunk of other states
    How many Anglos lived in the Southwest before the US-Mexico War?


    What were "greaser laws" and how did they affect Mexicans?
They outlawed the appearance of Mexicans if they were not working.
    What was the Foreign Miners Tax of 1850?   How did it affect Mexicans as compared to other groups?
20 million dollar tax against foreign miners. Aimed at Mexicans.
    What was the California Land Act of 1851? How did it come to affect Mexicans and their economic standing?
It was to weed out invalid titles ostensibly in order to clarify Californios rights to land granted to them by spain and mexico. It affected them negatively because they lost a lot of lands to the white man.
    What was the 1851 Homestead Act? How did it affect Mexicans land possessions?

Conflicts and Assimilation

    What were lynchings?
    What role did vigilantes play in the Southwest?
    What type of conflicts arose in New Mexico?   Texas?   California?
    What is the concept of "Fantasy Heritage" and how did it figure in race relations?
    How did the use of the Spanish language benefit...

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