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Child Care Educationdiploma Level 3 E3 Criteria in E4 Essay

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9.00 am registration
9.15 am breakfast; milk bottles
9.45 am children can play with toys suitable for their age range, activities could be set to promote the childs learning development.
11.00 am fruit/snack time, varitey of fruit available so children have more options and explore different types of food given.
11.30 am children settle down for nap time
12.30 pm children should be given lunch; food provided would depend on their age e.g a 4 months child will not have solid food in opposed to a child of 12 months who should have solid food.
1.00 pm children should be provided to play with different sets of activities for their age range, so that they are able to experiment and explore activities such as sand can support their development.
2.00 pm out door play, equipment or facilities provided must meet their age range for health and safety reasons, activities could be a slide or a safety swings with a small cage around the seat for physical play.
2.30 pm snack time; fruit (promting healthy food option), yogurt, toast for children who can eat solid food or with smaller children under 4 months can be provided with mushed food (youghurt pots).
2.45 pm nap time; if a child is not wanting to sleep they could perhaps be read a story or play with activities away from the other children who are napping.
3.30 pm children could play with activities and during this time they can be monitored on their development, ensuring the children are meeting the national target of their age group.

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