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Child Development Cyp 1.1 Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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CYP Core 3.1
Understand child and young person development


Social & Emotional
Physical movements start off as reflexes, these include rooting (if mouth is touched baby will look for milk/nipple), swallowing & sucking (to feed), grasp (if palm of their hand is touched), startled (sudden sound or light may cause them to clench) and walking (when held up right they may make stepping movements).
Already recognising the sound of their primary carers voice and smell.
Babies will cry to alert their distress, hunger or thirst.
Especially when feeding a bond is formed with primary carer.

1 Month
Babies begin to stretch out more and less of the environment startles them.
Recognisable voices are soothing.
Contentment is being verbalised by a cooing sound.
Contentment is shown in fleeting smiles (when asleep mostly).

3 Months
Babies begin to try and lift there heads, following on to turning their heads.
Babies begin to focus on objects around them, (toys, mobiles, etc..).
Smiles are beginning to be returned.
Start to enjoy activities (bath, play time).

6 Months
They begin to explore by rolling over and balancing on their fronts, by lifting their hands and feet. Also they can reach for, hold and move objects in their hands
Objects around them start to become interesting and they want to explore them.
Actions are beginning to take shape to show what they want, (lifting arms to be picked up).
Smiles to show they enjoy time with their primary carers.

9 Months
Babies will be beginning to crawl and sit up without any support. Also as there exploring they learn they can use their fingers to feed.
Exploring objects becomes more advanced as they can handle them better. They will begin to understand objects/people exist out of sight.
Babbling starts to become tuneful and frequent. Main words such as dinner, drink etc.. begin to be understood.
Separation anxiety...

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