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Child Obesity: a Raging Disease. Essay

  • Submitted by: open23
  • on October 19, 2013
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Child Obesity: A Raging Disease.
Many people in the United States believe that if it weren’t for fast food restaurants, they would not be overweight. People have even sued fast food industries for their weight problem. Over the years, fast food has been said to be healthy and unhealthy. In the article, “The Battle Against Fast Food Begins in the Home”, by Daniel Weintraub, states that “parents are to blame if they let kids eat unhealthy foods.” Weintraub is 100 percent right because parent should pay close attention to what their child is eating. If the parent does not pay close attention to what their child is consuming, it can be problematic.
In the article, “It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat”, by Shannon Brownlee, states that “60 percent of Americans are overweight or obese but rather that 40 percent of us are not”. This shows that there are more obese people than people who are not. Most people blame fast food for obesity problem in America but really if you think about it, people are ultimately responsible for what they consume. For children, parents are responsible for what their child consume. Parents often give in to the pester power of children in the supermarket. Some parents even recommend fast food for their child because fast food marketing campaigns are stronger and louder than healthy eating messages. Children in America are exposed to unhealthy foods and unfortunately take part in this diet because their parents who present them with this unhealthy diet.
In the article, “If You Pitch It, They will Eat”, by David Barboza, states that “McDonald’s corporation wants to be everywhere that children are”. This shows that fast food companies are finding every possible way to reach children. A usual fast-food meal consist of french-fries and a hamburger. With these two items, you have consumed about 1,000 calories alone. These calories are half of what is recommended for eating throughout the whole day. Fast food industries often uses...

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