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Childhood Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Hugh Hefner - Childhood
There have been many great entrepreneurs, but nobody can deny one of the most successful
ones out there is Hugh Hefner. Chicago, Illinois April 9, 1926 the birthplace of Hugh Hefner by
parents Grace Caroline and Glenn Hefner. Hugh had one other brother who he was older than.
Hugh also said his home felt cold and impersonal. His parents were so unaffectionate that Hugh
cannot recall a time where his parents said they love either him or his younger brother. In an
interview Huegh had mentioned that his mother has a huge phobia towards germs, and the way
his parents were to him and his younger brother may have affected his abilities of being a great
husband or father. His mother never kissed him due to her phobia of germs believing that would
spread contamination and disease. Though not all of Hugh’s childhood memories are bad. He
does recall having a baby blanket that he loved so dearly. He used to call his baby blanket
“bunny blanket” and said it was his way of affection that his mother never gave him as a child
growing up. As a child Hugh always wanted a dog, but his parents never wanted to get him a
dog. One day Hugh needed surgery and out of sorrow his parents gave in and got him a new
puppy. Hugh would wrap that puppy in his baby bunny blanket to give the dog support, but five
days later the dog tragically died and his mother burned his baby blanket without notifying
Hugh. Hugh Hefner had a rocky rough childhood in his house between him and his parents not
giving him the love and support he strongly needed and wanted. In an interview I quote “ I guess
I’m still just that little boy trying to find love.” Hefner says to the interviewer. In my personal
opinion I believe his childhood did affect him in the long run but even without his parents love or
affection Hugh Hefner became one of the most well known Entrepreneurs today. Looking at
Hugh Hefner today many would describe him as wild with a crazy personality, Although...

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