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Childhood Importance Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Childhood Importance

James Bernard Murphy, a professor of government at Dartmouth College and Author of “In Defense of Being a Kid”, emphasizes the importance of innocence and enjoyment of childhood years.   This underlined the question, are children’s childhood adventures and care-free life more important than the preparation of our children’s future by the work of us parents?   I’m sure all of us can debate this question.   Murphy argues with Amy Chua, Author of “Why Mothers Are Superior” that children should enjoy their years as a child.   Chua (a Chinese mother) feels differently, moral and culturally.   For example, Murphy expresses, “Ms. Chua claims that her parenting methods will produce ambitious, successful and happy adults while her critics argue that her methods will produce neurotic, self-absorbed and unhappy ones” (279).   As Murphy and Chua’s feelings on the importance of childhood years are extremely opposite, there are many supporters to both theories.   You can observe this by reading the responses to Murphy’s essay posted online on The Wall Street Journal Website.   They are quite interesting and argumentative.   As I have my own opinions as well, I have to agree with both Murphy and Chua.   They each make valid points to the debate in question mentioned above.
Murphy opens up his essay by describing a debate economist Larry Summers and Amy Chua encountered while discussing Chua’s parenting methods in response to Ms. Chua’s essay.   Murphy first expresses that children are not just adults in training but are also people with joys and powers.   Murphy feels a happy childhood is measured by the qualities of adult accomplishment, but also believes the pleasure of gifts given to children is just as important and more.   Murphy describes the gift of moral innocence, that children are free from the knowledge of human evil.   They are able to trust people fully without knowing the full extent.   Also, Murphy feels a child’s innocence and confidence provides an...

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