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Childhood Memories Essay

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Courtney Powell
September 18, 2011
English 101

Essay # 1
Indelible childhood Memories
When you think back to your childhood memories one word should come to mind, Indelible. Indelible means that it cannot be removed, washed away, or erased. That is exactly what Welty and White describe in there short stories. The two stories are very similar in the way of childhood memories being indelible and they have epiphanies. But both Welty and White write their stories differently. White writes from an adult’s point of view, where Welty write from both adult and child point of view. The moral of the stories are also very different. The two writes have more differences than they have similarities. Another difference is that their memories are brought to life through different senses. Welty and White’s show you how their experience of revisiting their childhood past was different but the idea of childhood being indelible is similar.  
White’s story is about his son and his childhood lake house. He sees how much everything at the lake is the same to him even though he is now older” and the waitresses were the same Country girls, there having been no passage of time, only the illusion of it as a dropped curtain—the waitresses were still fifteen.”(White). This shows how White is at this lake house with his son, but memories keep coming back from his childhood. There is another time when White says something to his son but suddenly sees his father and not him. “Suddenly it would be not I but my Father who was saying the words or making the gesture.”(White).
Where Welty’s story the memories is triggered by an old photograph on Armistice Day.” We made our own parade down the walk on a single Velocipede”( Welty 148)

When these two authors think back to their childhood memories they are brought back through senses. Welty uses smell and sight to bring her back. Welty remembers the Little Store from her childhood by the smells of “licorice, dill-pickle brine that leaked...

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