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Childhood Obesity Essay

  • Submitted by: Hecht1984
  • on October 7, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Childhood Obesity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In reading the article U.S. Childhood Obesity and Climate Change: Moving toward Shared Environmental Health Solutions the conclusions are that childhood obesity is rapidly growing and there are positive changes that can be made to the communities that will help reduce the amount of obese children there are. I agree that having the accessibility of parks, walking areas, and greener atmospheres will promote more productivity in not only our younger generations, but the older generations as well. By having the clean open areas to attract them the young children will not be consistently enticed by the new video games coming out each month or the new sitcoms coming on television. In 2007 New York City implemented a plan called PlaNYC, which would not only have a park within a ten minute walk but improve other aspects such as planting one million trees in the city limits. “In just four years we’ve built hundreds of acres of new parkland while improving our existing parks. We’ve created or preserved more than 64,000 units of housing. We’ve built whole new neighborhoods with access to transit. We’ve provided New Yorkers with more transportation options. We’ve enacted the most ambitious laws of any city in the country to make existing buildings more energy-efficient.   And we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions 13% below 2005 levels. Over 97% of the 127 initiatives in PlaNYC were launched within one-year of its release and almost two-thirds of its 2009 milestones were achieved or mostly achieved” (Bloomberg).
The day of sitting down and eating a fresh family dinner has been replaced with fast food, processed foods, or snacks. The pace of society, technology, and video games has overtaken the time of children walking or biking to school and playing outside. Overall, children are eating more calories, eating less fruits and vegetables, and moving less; creating an epidemic that needs to be addressed immediately. With childhood obesity rates currently on the rise,...

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