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Children And Entertainment Essay

  • Submitted by: sameer83
  • on February 19, 2012
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Children and the Entertainment Industry
Romanticism is a reaction to the emphasis on logic and science as a way of defining the world. As rationalists were moving away humans from spirituality and emotions, romantics moved humans back to spirituality reacting to industrial revolution. According to romantics, attaining knowledge based on logic and reasons is not enough; it should be attained through personal emotional experience. Thus, the romantics take incidents and present them in emotional manner because they believe that human are different from other animals in terms of emotional and spiritual nature. Romantics believe that God created humans and has given them strength to know the subjective knowledge. Humans can be closer to being godlike by responding to nature emotionally and imaginatively. Romantics believe that no ideas are present in the mind at birth. Human starts to gain abstract concepts through emotional responses. Newborn infants have blank state of mind and are as pure as God. As they grow and start to gain knowledge through emotional and intuitive response, artificial social institution corrupts them. So, they believe that science and industry have dehumanizing effect on human spirit and deforming human emotions. Thus, romantics have distaste for social institution and norms.
The most common technology has corrupted a number of children is television. Children are exposed to television in early years, even before they learn to speak. They grow up watching television programs and advertisements. Research has demonstrated that TV viewing is associated with specific differences in food intake and diet. Children who more exposed to TV viewing are likely to consume more snacks and unhealthy foods than fruits and vegetables. A recent US based study estimated 27.2% to 36.4% of children's advertisement was food related of which 27.6% were cereals, 17.7% sweets, 12.2% snacks, 12.0% fast food restaurants and 8.8% were beverages. Food advertisements can...

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