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China Essay

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China and the United States

China has made a name for itself over the last few decades, that's for sure. Their dedication to become one of the world's top super powers makes China one of the most intriguing topics of our current society. Throughout this semester, our class was assigned to keep a close eye on China, as we constantly looked for any headlines that the country might be in. Initially I felt as if this assignment was kind of pointless, I had an ignorant mindset that was only fixated on the United States of America and our current affairs. Little did I know that the affairs of China were just as, if not more important than our own. By the end of the semester I found myself consistently fixated on China's doings as many of their matters were controversial and intriguing.   To assess China, one would have to look at the country in terms of progression. China has made incredibly significant strides over the years as they have experienced an economic boom, political rejuvenation,   and created a dominant superpower power reputation that will stop at nothing to become the best.
The population of China is nearly three times that of the United States and the most populous country in the world with a staggering amount of 1.3 billion citizens. One of the most interesting and controversial issues of China is the One-Child Policy, in which Chinese Citizens by law are only allowed to have one child. This is such a foreign concept to me as it's hard to believe something like this takes place. If something like this ever took place in the U.S. there would be massive outrage as it would be hard to even implement this policy among US citizens. When put in China's shoes however, it may be the only logical solution to a constant increasing population. China shows off their political strength by installing such a dramatic policy, but at the same time is a very logical solution to what was a growing problem. According to a recent CNN article, as of next year, the...

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