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Chinese History Essay

  • Submitted by: pimmyeassy
  • on November 13, 2012
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The history of China over the past two thousand years was known or what is often called a 'feudal-bureaucratic' empire. It was not aristocratic military feudalism as in the Western world, but rather a bureaucratic system with a vast civil service collecting taxes, and state power under a single emperor. But this pattern of comparative peace was continually broken by peasant rebellions throughout the ages one after another when a dynasty became effete, with excessive oppression and intemperate corruption, some peasant leader would arise and organize a tremendous rebellion which would change the situation. Example, Hongwu formerly known as Zhu Yuanzhange who was once a peasant origin fought his way through to form the Ming dynasty in 1368. In addition, during the Ming dynasty the Chinese people saw a turn of power that was more in favorable for peasants because of the heal treatment given to them by the Mongol rule. During the Ming dynasty, the Chinese society economic or commerce boomed by the arrival of new crops from Americas supported rapid population growth in both the internal market of China and overseas connection increased during the early Ming period with the Portuguese and Spanish merchants

      Furthermore, the Chinese social behavior is typically based on family values where respect and revering their elders were classed as top priority. In Chinese culture back in the 14th century, it was expected of women to be subordinated to their husbands. Also women were not allowed to take part or participate in public affairs such as in political affairs or even allowed to speak in courts. In society at large, Chinese women at this era had to settle for whatever status and respect they could get within families such as, struggling really hard to gain favors from top emperors and senior army officers in other to earn respect and wealth. Women were confined to household chores; their status hinged on bearing male children. Upper-class women might be taught...

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