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Christ of Saint John of the Cross Essay

  • Submitted by: ccast7
  • on November 13, 2012
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Christ of Saint John of the Cross
Dali’s painting of the crucifixion awes and inspires me. I wonder why we see the crucifixion from the angle it is portrayed. I find the title “Christ of St. John of the Cross” intriguing and perhaps not such a tell all of the painting. On a very surface level, I have discovered Dali’s use of space, implied, lines, and perception to show a lot about the point he was trying to portray and I am excited to continue to research this piece. Rather than bring any innovation in pictorial language or mode of representation to painting, Dali s paradoxical images are his great contribution to the art of our time.
Salvador Dali's 1951 oil painting "Christ of Saint John of the Cross" features a large image of the crucifixion of Christ hanging over the Bay of Port Lligat (Dali 1). Erwin Panofsky's iconographical analysis "deals with the manner in which, under varying historical conditions, specific themes or concepts are expressed by objects and events" (Stavrou 2). In this manner, Dali's painting of Christ reveals more than his own perspective on the icon of Christ. Dali's perspective is also characteristic of the basic attitudes of the era and society during which the painting was created. I have seen many pictures of the crucifixion but never one from this point of view. The regulars are from the point of view of the worshipper, but Dali's is unique. He has rendered his crucifixion from the point of view of God! It's like God looking at His Son, after the mission is accomplished. This point of view serves another purpose, too. Given that it is God's view, we see Jesus as the bridge between God and the mortal world, represented by that seascape below. This painting is surreal because Dali has mixed two perspective angles. The seascape is in our eyelevel, instead of following the angle of the cross. This painting, viewed from afar, will take the shape of an hourglass, which could stand for time: an inverted triangle for the crucifix, and an...

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