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Christianity Essay

  • Submitted by: aimee4588
  • on January 27, 2013
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Worship Response Paper 2 of 5

I List

1.       September 7, 2008
2.       Saint John the Evangelist
3.       Reverend Benedykt Pazdan
4.       Reconciliation

II Analysis

1. - Bible reading from Mathew.
- Offering for the altar; bread (wafers), wine, and donations
-   Stained glass windows: Saints, doves, and the cross
- Crosses along the wall about every six feet away at eye level
- Crucifix of Jesus above the altar
- Rev. Benedykt wore a green robe
- Altar servers wore all white robes
- Sang songs from the miselet

2.       Matthew 18:20
- Reconciliation must be done
- Do not wait for reconciliation to happen, make it happen
- We cannot worship Him until our relationship with others is right
- “God is the real judge” he will be judging you, and no one else

3.       God does not want hypocritical worship, find peace with others and God will let you in His Kingdom.

III Evaluation

                I had no idea what to expect walking into Saint John’s that Sunday morning, but to hear another sermon about what I was doing wrong and how I could change my actions. Rev. Benedykt’s sermon allowed me to evaluate my years before. I stopped communicating with an old best friend because she felt as though her boyfriend was much more important that our friendship. It has been years since I last talked to her, about four years now, and grew content never seeing her again for the rest of my life. But after hearing what Rev. B said, it made me think twice that maybe I should have listened to many nights before where I felt like I should have rebuilt our friendship again. But I have always went against that feeling, every time.   I had known her for five years before we went our separate ways, and we built a friendship that I never really had with anyone else. In order to be at peace with God, I would have to reconcile with my ex-best friend. This was going to be difficult for me to tear the wall that I have made. Many friends in...

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