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Christopher Colomboa Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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“How Did Faith and Courage of Christopher Columbus Give to Mankind   a

Christopher Columbus was an explorer, navigator born on October 31, 1451. He was best known for finding the “New World” of the Americas. Columbus had great courage in himself. Christopher Columbus was of the Roman Catholic faith. Columbus passed away on May 20,1506.
Christopher Columbus was greatly known for discovering the “New World” of the Americas sponsored by King Ferdinand of Spain 1492. (Christopher Columbus biography) He wished to reach the East Indies by sailing   West across the Atlantic ocean. Columbus convinced the royal Ferdinand and Isabella to pay for this voyage. August 3,1492 he left with three ships, the Santa Maria, the Niña, and the Pinta. His crew men became anxious. On October 12,1492 land was spotted.
Columbus spent a lot of time around the islands of the Caribbean, because   he thought he had made it to the Indies. He called the people of this land “Indians”. In 1493 Columbus went back to Spain. Three voyages   later he still thought he had reached the coast of East Asia. (World History The Modern Era) Other Europeans noticed that he had found   a route to unknown continents, and not the East Indies.
Christopher Columbus had great courage and faith in himself throughout his travels. Faith in God kept him strong as he traveled these long distances. When he thought he wouldn’t make it his faith strengthened him more. His dedication to his belief also got him to his destination.   Columbus was of the catholic faith. He also wanted to bring the true Faith of Christ to those distant lands in the catholic form. The pious queen addressed Christopher with these words: “The expenses we have incurred, and are about to incur for the Indian expeditions, have been well bestowed; for these will ensure a spreading of Catholicism.” (free republic.com).   This is only some examples of Christopher Columbus faith and courage through his journeys

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