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Chronic Diseases Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Diabetes mellitus or diabetes for short is a disease that has characteristics relating to a high level of sugar in the blood. This sugar is typically called glucose. The word Diabetes is from the Greek word meaning to “to flow through,” and mellitus is the Latin word for “sweet”. When someone has consistent high blood glucose levels this can be characterized as diabetes. The characteristic that is a clear sign of diabetes is high levels of glucose excreted in urine. In a healthy person, the broken down carbohydrates from foods eaten are broken down and released from the digestive system into the blood stream. This can be used by all the cells of the body. For cells to be able to use glucose, it has to be able to get inside of them. The cells need a signal when glucose enters the blood stream to transport it through cell structures. To do this, a hormone called Insulin is needed. This hormone is secreted from the pancreas which also generates the signal needed as well. Insulin is needed to stimulate the cells to take up glucose from the bloodstream and carry it into the cell. This can be used for immediate energy or converted to glycogen or fat and stored for later use. This process can lower blood glucose levels.
There are two types of diabetes one can be diagnosed with. The first type which is called type 1 diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes is the more serious type. Although it is more serious, it is not as common as the other types of diabetes. This type of diabetes is an autoimmune disease, this means that one’s own immune system will attack and destroy insulin making cells that are in the pancreas. This destruction of cells can cause a reduction in the production of insulin or completely stop the production. When there is no insulin present, cells do not take up the necessary insulin and this causes permanent elevation in blood glucose levels. This type of diabetes was formally called “juvenile diabetes”, because of it appearing typically during...

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