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Church St. Pierre Essay

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  • on October 7, 2012
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Church St. Pierre du Gros Caillou
By walking down Rue St. Dominque stand the church of St Pierre du Gros Caillou. "Gros Caillou" is the name of this district due to a boulder, which marked the limit of Paris in the late 17th century. Parts of the original parish were destroyed during the Revolution. The parish was officially restored Gros Caillou August 6, 1843 under the name of St. Pierre du Gros Caillou. During the Second Empire, many changes occurred. The first transformation of the church was in, the second addition was in of 1881 where the Chapel of Our Lady of Good Hope was added (Source 1).
The façade of the church is reminiscent of the temples that were erected in Ancient Greece. The entire church is constructed from a light stone. The attributed architect of this particular church is said to be Etienne-Hippolyte Godde, who has said to have also participated in the design of the Amiens Cathedral (Source 2). The After walking up a few small steps, the entrance to the church is surrounded by six Doric ordered columns, four towards the immediate front of the church and two in the back. The base, shaft and abacus of the columns have no decorative carvings and are rather very simple in design. The columns are used as a support system for the church. On the left and right sides on the entranceway of the church and as well along side the main portal to the church are two plasters of the Doric order. Plasters have no function except for decorative and aesthetic purposes. The frieze, with stands above the column capital has a Latin quote carved into it stating “D.O.M SUB INVOC. S. PETRI A PETRA MAGNA. ” This translates to “A great great god under the protection of St. Peter from the community of Gros Caillou." The Church was dedicated to St. Peter. Since this is a rather simply designed church there are no metopes or trigyphs present. Above the frieze is the geison or cornice which is decorated with a series of protruding rectangular patterns that is present...

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