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Cinderella Essay

  • Submitted by: 0minous0wl
  • on October 17, 2013
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Cinderella:   A Tale By A Lame Kid

I was never one to make much sense of the term ‘love’.   For six years of my life, it was just another word I wasn’t ‘grateful’ enough to hear.   My father and my sister died in a car accident, leaving everything in mine, but mostly my step-mother Megan’s hands.   If only dad could’ve seen how much of a wicked wench she really was…
My name’s Maxine.   I stand about 5’6” high, my hair’s black and falls just below my waist and my eyes change from blue to green more often that I notice to be honest.   It took me a long time to figure it out, but thanks to a very special kid named Z, I think I finally get what my purpose is in life.   For the longest time, I let Megan take over my life.   Everything my father left me was hers (for whatever reason she could come up with), and I guess I was just too sad to argue about it.   That is, up until the night I finally noticed the sunny side of Hell- the night when enough was enough.
It started out as a typical day; Megan waking me up by screaming and demanding breakfast followed by a massive list of unnecessary chores, throwing a bit a makeup on and running a brush through my hair, barely make it on time to school then afterwards enjoy an almost relaxing evening with Z.   I never really expected to get as serious as I did with Z, like ever.   We met when he accidentally hit me in the head with an eraser instead of his friend Ben (my lab partner freshmen year), and ever since then we’ve texted and hung out just about every day for the past four years.   Eventually, we started dating.   He saw how much I hated my home life, and I feel like he understood why.   He made me feel less crazy, as if I were almost normal or something.   He was also the only one who ever tried to help me get out of the rut I’d managed to get stuck in.
Anyways, it was the Friday of my senior prom.   Although I’d been planning on going for weeks now- dress and all, I didn’t exactly know what Megan’s reaction to it would be....

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