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Cirque Du Soleil Essay

  • Submitted by: MuZiSE
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "Cirque Du Soleil" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Case Discussion Questions – BUS690 Fall 2012

Case 1: Saffronart.com: Bidding for Success
1. Identify the positive and negative effects of the general environment faced by Saffronart.com.
2. Identify the 5-forces of the industry environment. How is Saffronart.com positioned relative to each of them?

Case 2: Cirque du Soleil
1. Identify ALL resources and capabilities possessed by Cirque du Soleil:
    a/ which of them are a “must” for any cirque?
    b/ which of them are rare/unique to Cirque du Soleil?
2. Which of the rare resources possessed by Cirque du Soleil create value? How?
3. What is Cirque du Soleil’s core competence (if any)?

Case 3: Montague Corporation – HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT!
1. Who are Montague’s target customers?
2. What needs do these customers have?
3. How does the Montague bicycle satisfy customers’ needs?
4. What type of business level strategy is Montague pursuing?
5. What resources and capabilities help pursue its strategy?

Case 4: IDEO
1. How would you characterize IDEO’s organization, culture and management?
2. What are the main “ingredients” in the IDEO’s innovation process?

Case 5: The Walt Disney Company – HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT!
1. In what major industries did Disney diversify?
2. What types of diversification did they pursue?
3. Do you think these expansions were a good idea? Why?

Case 6: Lufthansa: Going global but how to manage complexity?
1. What problems triggered the creation of the Star Alliance?
2. What are the benefits of the Alliance for Lufthansa?
3. What are the challenges of being a Star Alliance member?

Case 7: Monsanto: Realizing Biotech Value in Brazil
1. What type of international strategy is Monsanto pursuing?
2. What are the major problems encountered by Monsanto in Brazil & other developing countries?
3. How did Monsanto approach the royalty collection issue?

Case 8: eBay
1. Who are the main stakeholder groups that (may) have legitimate demands to eBay?
2. Which of these...

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