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Cirque Eloise Id Essay

  • Submitted by: nwilson94
  • on February 19, 2012
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Cirque Eloize ID Review

In the programme provided there is plentiful information about the performers, directors and other cast members. It gave a brief background on the performance of the show and it includes many colourful and energetic pictures which show tricks, illusions and stunts.
I liked the programme mainly because it gave me plenty of colourful images to look at, these images gave me a small idea of what standard of talent to expect from the performers and what the performances may contain.
The images within the programme showed that there are a wide variety of performances in the show. Ranging from dance, acrobatics to death defying stunts at tremendous heights. The main theme I recognized with the programme was the street like style of the main set in the background of the pictures with the graffiti and also the style of clothes that they were wearing. ‘Cirque Eloize ID’ the first word of this title sounds like the word circus therefore if it was meant to be like a circus it would have many different skills specialized in the different talents that the circus acts would have.
The overall structure of the whole performance was the group work, strength, the mental ability the body has, concentration and trust within each other, all these qualities add up to create the final structure of the performance to create and portray the storyline they have put across and to simply entertain and amaze the crowd and give them a performance they will enjoy and remember.
There is 16 dancers which all have individual talents and strengths which have a specific roles throughout the performance displaying what their abilities are.
Throughout the performance there was a mixture of solo’s, duet’s and group performances. There are many solo performances which all portray different ideas to create or support the storyline. There was also solo’s which were simply to show the crowd their talent.
There was a solo piece and a duet between jugglers which was...

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