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Cis 517 Essay

  • Submitted by: bullock12
  • on November 12, 2012
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Do you agree that mining physician data should be illegal? Why or why not?
I really don’t think that it’s illegal but it should have some legal boundaries to the amount of information that is accessible to them. Data mining provides business solutions by putting together the analytical techniques and the business problem at hand, which often reveals important new correlations, patterns, and trends (Baltzan, P., & Phillips, A. 2009 Business driven information systems: custom edition 2nd Edition). I understand that most of these pharmaceutical companies are in it to make money as well as the next any other company.

As a patient how do you feel about pharmaceutical companies mining your doctor’s data?
As a patient, my only concerns would be only on getting the medications that I needed to live a normal as possible life. Regardless of how we feel in society, many companies use different and sometimes illegal tactics to making their companies better and richer. Prescription drug marketers already have access to certain commercial information through outlets like pharmacies, but this data still doesn’t tell companies where the prescription is coming from and it doesn’t give them access to any specific patient data.

As an employee of one of this pharmaceutical companies how do you feel about mining physician data?
As a worker and as a employee I understand that the main focus in life is to make as much money possible to set yourself and your family up for a comfortable living. Being said, I would will be willing to do what ever it takes to make the company better and more competitive. I can’t say that I would participate in any illegal acts but I would work and pursue any documents or information that I had to for the company as legal as possible. I think that getting the information might or may include using mining physician data techniques. As an employee, you are looked as a middleman for providing valuable services to your company. Being said, I would do...

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