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Civil Disobediance Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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In the history of the United States of America civil disobedience have played a huge role in making a start to change.
In the 1960’s many events took place that can be considered changing points in history. Those events change the way our nation is and our Americans are, events that with civil disobedience came to light. In recalling those events the sit ins for equality, the opportunity to attended Universities, to be part and making the civil rights movement; we can see that having disobedience can make a difference. An example would be the sit ins, African American students and ordinary people would sit and wait to be serve in lunch counters which for us would be now fast food restaurants.   When segregation was imposed and African Americans couldn’t be in those lunch counters, but people took a stand and eventually got served. Another example where civil disobedience helped as stated in 1960s civil rights movement in America, James Meredith the first African American to be enrolled in a University created a lot of disturbance. Many were opposed for him to be in the University but it got President Kennedy to come at his rescue and provided troops to restore the peace and let Meredith get an education.
So as we can see having civil disobedience can make a difference for the better of the people and our Nation. Changes have been made and laws have change for the people of this country to be seen as one.
People helping other people, is something that comes from the heart and not by imposing a law to make a Good Samaritan. Everyday a person can be faces with a split second decision to help a person in need but it is up to that particular person to do so, not everyone will risk their lives, health   to help someone in need.
If a jurisdiction was to impose a law to help a person in need when you are able too, it might cause even more problems than what we could imagine.   For instance,   Valley Village an accident occur not to long along ago and two Samaritans...

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