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Civil Servant Essay

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Civil Service Observation
The criminal justice system is the structural foundation made up of a collection of federal, state, and local public agencies used to maintain social control and order for the laws set in place by congress or state officials. The system has components that work together to provide justice for the victims and criminals. The criminal justice system has three central components: police, courts, and corrections. Police roles are enforcing the law, apprehending offenders, preventing crime, predicting crime, preserving the peace, and providing service to the public. In addition, police officers utilize preventive patrol, routine incident response, emergency response, criminal investigation; problem solving is an important role the police play, and they can even deal with support services. The criminal justice system gives no one person complete control and the process ensures reasonable treatment of all people involved the victim, the accused, and the authorities. The civil service makes it so no one person or no one department can make decisions based solely on personal opinion. Although the civil servants usually receive advice from the agency on what is needed such as: job openings, job requirements, and job descriptions. The civil service provides structure to American policing system. This essay will examine the criminal justice career of a civil servant emphasizing the governance structure and culture of this position, accentuating how it relates to the system and law enforcement, and reviewing the significant stakeholders.
Civil Service Governance Structure and Culture
The civil service helps to keep the police honest; the civil servants keep order in the hiring, promoting, and terminating of police departments nationwide with exception to a few small departments. The civil service is the overseers of hiring and advancement of the police making certain trained and accurate police officers are hired and put on the streets. Civil...

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