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Civil War Martin Delaney Research Paper

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  • on August 5, 2015
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Civil War Essay

Even though not all people know who Martin Delany is and do not know of his importance, he contributed a lot to the fight for freedom of African Americans. He was able to create many opportunities for Blacks and strongly supported abolitionism. This is because Delany fought valiantly for equal rights for African Americans and did so by writing about his opinions in his paper, The North Star, and even worked with Frederick Douglas on it. He also convinced President Abraham Lincoln to start an all-Black militia force in a personal meeting with him, and was granted the position of head Officer of it by Lincoln himself. He used to believe strongly in emigration of Blacks, and eventually went to live in Africa. The Civil War convinced him to move back, and fight for his people’s rights.

All great people start from somewhere, and Martin Delany's past is an easily-accessible one. Major Martin Delany was born in Charlestown, West Virginia on May 6, 1812. When he was growing up, a strong academical influence on him was his mother. She taught him how to read and write, and the alphabet. Later in his life, he went on to Harvard to study medicine. He wasn’t able to graduate, due to his race. He went on later to start his paper, The North Star. In it, he wrote his personal views on issues such as slavery and abolition. He clearly expresses his views on the fugitive slave law in this document, which expresses his deep disapproval. He goes on to say “...the colored people of the United States are positively degraded”, and that free blacks are merely “slaves in the midst of freedom”. Delany had a strong, positive view on abolitionism and his own race. The Major originally agreed with the idea of emigration of all Blacks to Africa. Emigration is when someone returns to their homeland, but some Blacks wanted to stay. Delany said that he saw Africa as a rich, beautiful land with the potential to become a powerful frontier. However, when the Civil War started,...

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