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Cjs/250 Week 9 Final Project Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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CJS/250 Week 9 Final Project

Final Project: The Security Plan

Hurshel Byrd

CJS 250

Carol Stokes


The Security Plan
This is a plan I came up with to protect any businesses against robbery, or other disasters a business owner may be faced with.   The areas that I have picked to be my specific target areas include fire, environmental accidents, vehicle accidents, fraud and forgery, information theft, armed robbery, access control, surveillance, and shoplifting.   There are very few vulnerability gaps due to all of the time and money spent to protect the business.   Although, as with all plans, it is not perfect, for there are no perfect security plans.   However, I feel this will protect any business as much as it could possibly be protected.   I will be explaining all measures taken to protect the business, as well as all the employees who work there.
A list of threats specified to your target environment, which includes assigning a numerical value between 1-10 points for Probability and Criticality:
  • Environmental Accidents Probability 2 - Criticality 5
  • Vehicle Accidents   Probability 2 - Criticality 5
  • Fire Probability 5 - Criticality 10
  • Fraud/Forgery Probability 5 - Criticality 5
  • Information Theft Probability 5 - Criticality 5
  • Access Control Probability 5 - Criticality 5
  • Armed Robbery Probability 5 - Criticality 10
  • Shoplifting Probability 5 - Criticality 5
  • Surveillance Probability 5 - Criticality 8
Risk Assessment:   The risks with most businesses are environmental accidents/vehicle accidents/fire, fraud/forgery/information theft/access control, armed robbery/shoplifting, security/surveillance, and current vulnerability control.   I will be discussing each of these risks and the most effective ways of dealing with them.

Environmental Accidents/Vehicle Accidents/Fire...

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