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Clasr Room Management Essay

  • Submitted by: ksickler
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Katie Sickler
EDU 201
Assign: Classroom Management Styles

Investigation Findings of Classroom Management Proponents:

Lee and Marlene Canter: Developed a classroom management program called Assertive Discipline. It involves a high level of teacher control in the class. It is also called the "take-control" approach to teaching, as the teacher controls their classroom in a firm but positive manner. The approach maintains that teachers must establish rules and directions that clearly define the limits of acceptable and unacceptable student behavior, teach these rules and directions, and ask for assistance from parents and/or administrators when support is needed in handling the behavior of students. The underlying goal of assertive discipline is to allow teachers to engage students in the learning process, uninterrupted by students’ misbehavior, by using clear-cut rule, positive and negative consequences, and immediate implementation of these rules.

Richard Curwin and Allen Mendler: Developed the Discipline with Dignity approach to classroom management. This methodology attempts to involve students in defining classroom procedures, rules, and consequences based on values or principles compatible with learning. The basic strategies include prevention, action, and resolution. The theory is viewed by proponents of an in-depth flexible approach for effective school and classroom management, with a strong focus on developing responsibility, it is seen as a comprehensive, practical program that leads to improved student behavior through responsible thinking, cooperation, and mutual respect, and shared decision making using a twelve step program.

Barbara Coloroso: Developed the Inner Discipline approach to classroom management that deals with teaching techniques on bullying, and non-violent conflict resolution. In this theory there is 6 critical life messages children need. They need to know you believe in them, you trust in them, you know they can...

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